DG cargo handling

Dangerous goods can be defined as materials or items with hazardous properties which if not properly controlled, present a potential hazard.

Dangerous goods can be solids, liquids or gases. They may be pure chemicals, mixtures of substances, manufactured products or individual articles on their own. The transportation of dangerous goods is regulated in order to prevent as far as possible, accidents involving people or property, damage to the environment, to the means of transport employed or to other goods being transported.

Handling hazardous cargos is complex. It cannot be treated like any other general cargo. It necessitates compliance, proficient knowledge, special handling and fully qualified personnel. The number of various instructions to be followed when carrying dangerous goods is exhaustive and can directly affect the supply chain.All potentially hazardous materials onboard an aircraft can pose a high risk. Our dangerous goods experts work with customers from the beginning to end.The process entails amongst other, the identification, classification, packaging, markings, labelling and complete documentation for dangerous goods. A dangerous goods consignment is only considered to be accepted once the qualified personnel have verified the regulatory compliance of the shipment at our facility.

Our mission is to move your cargo safely. We are committed to conform to international standards and requirements and to safeguard the security of your cargo not to delay your shipment.

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